National Sailing Club in Texas City Info

National Sailing Club Info

We recommend purchasing rentals online in advance.
Watercraft for the same day will only be subject to availability.
How big is the lagoon?
Our 12-acre lagoon is the largest in Texas holding 24 million gallons of water! It's liner system is large enough to cover 14 NFL football fields. That's A LOT of water ready for you to use watercraft!
How deep is the lagoon?
The lagoon at Lago Mar is deepest at 10 feet, where watercraft rides and sporting activities take place.
Where can I park?
Parking is included and is available directly onsite adjacent to the National Sailing Club. Once you arrive, please follow the onsite signage.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, please come dressed appropriately in clothing that is designed for water recreation and swimming. T-shirts, cover ups, and swim shoes are allowed. Bring hats and sunscreen!
What about shade?
We urge everyone to protect delicate skin from the sun with sunscreen, hats, and lightweight shirts. The concierge area has a covered roof providing shade while patrons sign-up for watercraft.
Can I bring my pet or service animal?
Common household pets are not allowed. Please leave your furry loved ones at home! Service animals: Under Texas law and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities may bring their service animals to all public accommodations. Upon entry, patrons with service animals may be asked what service the animal was trained to provide. Please note, entry does not mean access to the water. No service animal will be allowed inside the lagoon. No exceptions. While on premises, all owners are required to maintain control of the service animal at all times. If the service animal is disruptive or not under control, their owner will be asked to be removed from the premises. Under the ADA, a service animal is a dog that is individually trained to perform tasks or do work for the benefit of a person with a disability. The tasks or work the animal does must be directly related to the person’s disability.
What are the hours?
Friday through Sunday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM The ferry is available for sunset tours after hours.

Mondays & Tuesdays the facility is available for corporate events and groups

Park closure (at sunset) will vary depending on the time of sunset and cloud coverage during that particular day.
Can I bring a cooler? What about food and beverage?
You may bring a small cooler to pack your lunch and drinks. You may bring an empty water bottle to fill at our water refill station.
Can I bring an umbrella or canopy? What about a beach chair?
Personal beach or lawn chairs, umbrellas, tents, and canopies are not permitted. If you’re interested in a beach experience we encourage guests to book tickets at and encourage guests to reserve seating in advance when purchasing tickets online. Guests may bring beach towels and blankets to sit adjacent to the facility before and after their watercraft experience.
Can I leave and come back?
For your safety, and the safety of our other guests, we do not allow exit and re-entry. We have everything you need to stay hydrated and refreshed for a full day of fun!
What is not allowed?
  • Tents, umbrellas, canopies
  • Glass containers
  • Aerosol cans
  • Firearms, ammunition, knives, and weapons of any kind
  • Self-defense or restraining devices (e.g.) pepper spray, mace
  • Marijuana including marijuana enriched products or any illegal substance
  • Fireworks or other similarly explosive and/or flammable objects
  • Horns, whistles, large megaphones or artificial noise makers
  • Recreational devices such as drones, remote-control toys, skateboards, scooters, and roller-skates
  • Suitcases, bags, backpacks, with or without wheels, larger than 24” long x 15” wide x 18” high
  • Swim noodles, rafts, and inner-tubes
  • Non-coast guard approved floatation devices
  • Non-service animals

Rental Specific Information

Do I need to make a reservation?
You can make a reservation online to speed things up, or you can come by our facility and see what is available for rent.
Do I need to be physically fit to kayak or use a paddleboard?
Kayaking and paddle boarding are physical activities so you will get a lot of exercise. However, you can do this at your own pace and slow down if necessary.
How do I pay?
  • We are a cashless business. Credit cards are accepted.
  • If you are a resident, you can rent a watercraft here from the site.
  • For the general public, you can rent and pay for a watercraft here from the website. You can become a member and receive discounts on watercraft rentals.
  • You can also walk up to the facility and rent a watercraft.
Are there any age restrictions for renting?
  • All renters must be at least 18. If under 18, a minor waiver must be signed by a parent, guardian, or legal custodian, however the parent does not have to join them on the water.
  • Any renters under 14 cannot use any watercraft equipment alone.
Do I need to pay an entry fee to the lagoon?
  • If you only want to rent a watercraft, you don't need to pay for a ticket to the lagoon.
  • If you want to swim or hang out at the lagoon before or after renting a watercraft, then you will need to pay an entry fee at to access the lagoon unless you are a resident. Residents have access to residential designated areas.
  • If you only want to swim or hang out at the lagoon, then you will need to pay an entry fee. Please visit for more details.
What is included in my rental?
All rentals include life jackets, and basic instruction on kayaking and Stand Up Paddle boarding. Lessons are also available.
What items can I rent?
  • Kayaks - Single and Tandem
  • Paddleboards - Standup and Electric Standup
  • Sailboat Rides with Captain and Individual Sailing (subject to skill qualifications determined by on-site staff)
  • Electric Ferry for Cruises (includes captain)
    What is the timeframe for rentals?
    Rentals are offered for a block of 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for setup and checking the SUP, paddle and life jacket in within the 45 minute block
    What is the cost for rentals?
    Prices are available here on our website on this page. Discounts are provided to members.

    COVID-19 Response

    How is Lago Mar responding to the current COVID-19 pandemic?
    The lagoon was built with safety and fun in mind. Our hope is to provide you and your family an epic experience when you visit. We have taken the following precautions for the health and safety of our staff and guests:
    • Frequent cleaning and enhanced sanitization of high-touch areas, high-traffic areas and common areas located throughout property including credit card keypads, restrooms and seating, etc.
    What should I know before arriving?
    • We recommend all guests perform a self-check of temperature and monitor COVID-19 related-symptoms prior to arrival to Lago Mar.
    • If you are exhibiting a temperature at or above 100.4 or higher, or have COVID-19 symptoms as outlined on the CDC website, you should not enter.
    • If you are especially vulnerable or in a high-risk category, you may be at inherit risk.